Monday, September 02, 2013

Look before you leap. Edit before you speak.

Writers can put words on paper and then rearrange them, cut them and delete them until they’re happy with what they’ve got.
Have you ever wished you could do that in real life? Edit what you’ve just said?
Take this occasion-
I walk into a computer store wanting a new wire thingy that plugs into the laptop one end whilst the other end is split into two, one to connect a normal keyboard and the other to connect a mouse to my laptop. Any idea what these things are called? No, neither have I. So what do I do? I do not sort out the words in my head. I do not edit anything. I simply open my mouth and let out a first draft, saying to the nice man behind the counter…
‘Have you got any dangly bits?’

Here endeth my Giggle blog for September.


  1. Did the sales rep smile with their reply I wonder ;-)))


  2. Similarly, I remember standing at the hot food counter in a big supermarket when, in front of me, were three young people, two who were busy canoodling. The young man on his own was the man with the shopping basket and, when the six stone or less shop assistant came forward to serve him, he asked "do you have any breasts?" Stifling my laughter, I said "I bet you've never been asked that before" but it seemed she had!

    We all need to be fitted with a rewind button. It could save lots of problems in relationships, couldn't it?

    Denise Watson.

  3. Giggle! Did he show you his dangly bits? :-) x

  4. That's brilliant, Lynne! I shall remember that, the next time I say something similarly bonkers - it'll make me feel better!

  5. Hilarious Lynne! I bet his face was a picture!! xx

  6. Go and sit on the naughty step, Teresa Ashby!

  7. Oh that's your best giggle yet Lynne, I believe it could be a dongle, but have you got a dongle isn't much better is it. Who on earth thinks up these ridiculous words I'd like to know.