Monday, September 30, 2013

October giggle blog

We were at our daughter’s wedding and, as we had to travel a long way, were booked into the hotel where it was taking place. Three year old Amelia and her mum and dad (our gift-son, Andy and partner, Emma) were using our room to get changed in. (It was a huge room.) Amelia had posed for several photos. She was wearing a gorgeous new dress. ‘Take one of me now,’ she kept saying as she struck a pose like a supermodel. And then she’d look at the camera and say, ‘Cheeeeese’.

Next she announced she was going to hide and got inside the wardrobe. ‘Take a picture of me now,’ she said from behind closed doors. A moment later we heard her say, ‘Cheeeeese’.

The LSO obliged and took a photo as requested. And here it is.



  1. Congratulations :-)

    And thanks for the giggle, what a lovely little girl :-) x

  2. Lovely! She's obviously got a very creative imagination!

  3. How absolutely gorgeous! Hope you all had a wonderful day :o) xx