Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who will dream for the technology generation?

I’d like to share a brilliant post about this. 
Pop over for a thoughtful and thought-provoking post.


  1. I take your point, Lynne, but I'm not sure that many kids display an appreciation for the scenery through a car window. We used play I-Spy for a bit. Usually until motion sickness took over.

    It's true, none of us know where the technological revolution may lead, but it's possible to embrace it without being a slave to it. During the early-mid 19th century, the agricultural revolution must have seemed like the end to civilisation to many, yet it's hard to see how we would feed a nation without the advances that came from that time.

  2. I agree with Martin. My mum got really annoyed with me when, on a family holiday driving through Europe, I missed seeing the entire mountain pass through the alps because my head was stuck in a book... things never change! Having said that, I do think people in general are too reliant on their phones.