Wednesday, October 02, 2013

99p is almost giving it away

On Saturday 19th October I am giving a talk at Malvern Library. It’s free to come in but there will be books for sale afterwards. The talk is about my writing life and, I hope, will be funny and informative. It starts at 2pm and will last about an hour.

My friend, Betty (Elizabeth Moulder who writes for Woman’s Weekly, amongst other magazines) phoned this morning. ‘Would you like me to introduce you?’ she asked, ‘because you know how rubbish you are at blowing your own trumpet.’
She’s right. I don’t like the pushing sales side of writing. I’ll happily do talks and workshops but then forget to give my own books a plug. The LSO sometimes steps in and tells everyone they will be on sale and I’ll sign them.

 My publishers tell me that I need to promote Handy Hints For Writers as it can be bought for 99p now on Kindle. So, here I am doing my bit and telling you. I’ve also guest blogged on  and

(The guest posts are completely different and, according to the comments, amusing. Some of the comments make me sound positively angelic.) Maybe I'll venture on to Facebook, one of my least favourite places and let everyone there know.

Consider trumpet blown.

Amazing really, how I'm uncomfortable selling myself when I was once awarded the title of Salesperson of The Month. Mind you, it was when we had our own cycle shop and it was my son and husband who gave me the award. Why did I get it? I sold a bicycle pump to someone who didn’t own a bicycle.



  1. Hopping straight over to Amazon!

  2. Absolutely loving Handy Hints for Writers, Lynne, and it's given me a boot up the proverbial already!!

    Mmm - selling a bicycle pump to somebody who didn't own a bicycle. Why doesn't that surprise me! :o) xx

  3. I can certainly relate to this. I've done lots of copywriting for other people's businesses and have no problem praising their goods and services, but when it comes to mentioning my own work ... eeek! Sorry that I'm too far away to attend your talk, but I'll go and have a look at your guest posts.

  4. Self-promotion is soooooo scary! And I'm about to step into the breach... Good luck with your talk, Lynne. You should read Handy Hints for Writers. I've just bought a copy and it's got some great tips in it! ;-)