Saturday, October 26, 2013

A handy hint from Handy Hints

I thought I’d give you a handy hint from my new book, Handy Hints for Writers. There’s an exercise to do too but, as it’s the weekend, it’s an enjoyable one. Try it and let me know how you goofed.
Goof around
Bless Russell Grant, my favourite astrologer. Imagine my joy at being told that Aquarians needed a day off. ‘Go, goof around,’ he said. While I am doing this a brilliant idea will come to me, according to Mr Grant. This is what can happen when you distract your conscious mind. By doing that your creative mind is allowed freedom.
Ideas always arrive when you least expect them. You’re gardening and don’t have pen and paper. You’re in the middle of the weekly shop. Your conscious mind is not thinking about writing, but your creative one is beavering away, doing its own thing.
Stop thinking about the glitch in your plot and it may well take care of itself.
Take time to goof around.

EXERCISE – give yourself permission
Go and do something completely different. Take a day off and visit a new place. Go see a friend. Goof around.


  1. Splendid advice, Lynne - my best story ideas come in the most inconvenient of times, such as when m at a dance class or playing with my granddaughter. Goof around by all means - just make sure the notebook is to hand!

  2. That is so true! I went to the town carnival last night and watched others goof around and left my creative mind to its own devices :-) x

  3. Gosh ANYTHING that will give me inspiration will be happily tried!!

    Off to GOOF :o) xx

  4. What I find helpful is being by the river - or hosing the garden.

  5. Having a great goof around day Lynne, and writing nonsense for nano.

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