Monday, December 02, 2013

December Giggle Blog

We bumped into a friend who runs a café. He’d been shopping and showed us the end of a hosepipe, the spray bit. He’d bought it at a large store. ‘It was only 20p,’ he told us.

‘At that price you could buy a couple of dozen and give them away with your Full English,’ said the LSO (Long Suffering One).

Our friend thought for a moment and then said, ‘No, it would be too much hassle. I’d need to put all the breakfasts up by 20p.’


  1. Well that certainly made me giggle! Thanks, Lynne :-) x

  2. Some people have no imagination do they Lynne, glad your lso has. Then again he's married to you, must be rubbing off on him. Love your funny stories. Keep them coming. Hey, Lynne, one day, we should do a giggle book together. The funnier side of writing. Now I need to find my serious side, oh, no, sorry, haven't got one:)))