Friday, January 31, 2014

February Giggle Blog (a few hours early)

A cycle shop, Spokes And Saddles, is mentioned in my book, Racing Start. I had to dream up that name when the book was written in the late 1980s. A few years later we used the name when we opened our own cycle shop – and this is where the Giggle part of the blog comes in. We had a silly competition to see who would be Salesperson of the Month. The guys always seemed to win because customers preferred to buy a bike from a bloke. However, one month…

Every Saturday a special needs lad would come into the shop and ask about prices. Every Saturday I would write down the prices of bikes, saddlebags, bells, pumps, puncture repair kits etc for him. His dream was to, one day, own a bike. One day when he came in and we were going through the prices, again, I told him about a very special offer we had on some Muddy Fox pumps. I wrote down the price on his list and watched as he reached into his pocket and came out with the cash. He wanted a pump and he hadn’t got a bike!

I tried to tell him to save his money for a bike but he insisted so I had to sell him a pump. He went out of our shop delighted. And I received the award of Salesperson of The Month. I think it was given me because I felt bad about letting this boy spend his money on something useless so imagine my joy when a girl with problems came in and asked if someone could ‘punch’ her tyres up for her because she didn’t have a pump.

One boy with a pump and no bike. One girl with a bike and no pump. How I itched to bring them together. Sadly, Dear Reader, I never managed it.

You weren’t looking for a happy ending were you?


  1. Aaahh yes I was hoping for a happy ending, but I did have a giggle though, job done :-) x

  2. Fabulous Lynne. Good giggle to start my day! :o) xx

  3. I wanted the happy ending ... maybe they're together now?

    1. I'd like to think so, Patsy. I can visualise him 'punching' up her tyres on a regular basis!

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  5. Lovely story Lynne but I do miss a happy ending...

  6. That's a tear jerker Lynne. How romantic, and funny as well. Definitely, you are salesperson of the century I'd say.