Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine failure?

The LSO and I are lucky enough to have two gift-sons. A gift-child is one who comes to you, is not blood-related, and who makes your life a whole lot richer.
Andy worked for us when we had our cycle shop and he 'adopted' us. He calls me Other-Mother. His sense of humour is renowned.
Yesterday he braved fallen trees, floods and traffic queues to get back to his lovely partner. I think he had forgotten it was Valentine's Day but he improvised. Here is his post, filched from Facebook.

'Walked in tonight, really pleased with myself, clutching a bottle bag with a bottle of white wine in, which I presented as a Valentine's gift. Emma looked at it and said, "Has a customer given you that?" And that was that little moment of triumph destroyed.'

You see, he ended up with an intelligent and perceptive woman. Come to think of it, she has some of the same talents as his Other-Mother.


  1. Fabulous post Lynne! Really made me chuckle - especially the last line!!! Other-Mother is just such a fantastic name! :o) xx

  2. I want to be an Other-Mother (maybe I am to my step-son)