Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beware of fan mail

On FB Wendy Clarke mentions receiving a letter from a reader who wanted to let her know she’d enjoyed Wendy’s womag story. How lovely for Wendy to receive that. What a lovely reader, taking the time to write. Although no addresses are given out, Wendy is able to contact her reader via the magazine the story was published in. And that’s lovely too but beware!

Back in the 80s and 90s I received many letters from readers. Two of them were from the Antipodes. One told me she was a relative. Her maiden name had been Hackles and she had traced the family tree from when my husband’s great-grandfather sailed to Australia in the 1880s. We began writing and spent several holidays with this long-lost relly.

Another wrote to say she thought we were related when I used my mother-in-law’s maiden name on a story – Crayford. It turned out this reader was born Crayford and she’d traced the family back to Canterbury, UK – that’s where the LSO’s Mum was born. No real proof but…

We wrote. We exchanged Xmas cards and then she and her husband turned up on our doorstep and (here comes the beware bit) we couldn’t get rid of them.


  1. Warning noted, Lynne - though I think I'm safe as my family connections don't seem half as interesting as yours! Are they still there?!

  2. I guess you're not still exchanging Xmas cards either?

    1. Being a nicely brought up young gel I reply to her long Xmas Round Robins. And my replies are long and deliberately boring.

  3. How odd, aren't people funny. By the way, your nan's sister's brother on his uncle's side twice removed lived next door to my aunty flo, did you know???