Sunday, March 16, 2014

Goodbye Writer's Bottom

Many friends nagged. I saw doctor. Expected pills. Got sent to A&E. ‘Follow me,’ said nurse. Expected a cubicle, jab, slash and stitch and thank you and goodbye. Got shown a bed. Full anaesthetic. Cause of Writer’s Bottom dug out. Now suffering exhaustion and sore throat from anaesthetic. Daily trips to surgery for clean dressings. No photos.

(Don’t understand this post? See three below for explanation.)


  1. Good grief Lynne! Hope that now they've dug it out that it's an end to it and you never ever have to put up with it again. Get well soon! And thank you for not posting photos! xx

  2. Ooh yes - photos would have been a bit too much information!!

    SO relieved you've been medically 'seen to' and had the cause removed and as Teresa says hope you never have to go through this again.

    Get well soon xx

  3. Oh my goodness, Lynne - poor you!

  4. Get better soon, you poor bunny.

    Lesson learned: Practice what you preach! Since following your advice, I do half my writing time standing up at the kitchen counter!

    I would like to offer you a stiff drink and say 'Bottoms up' but that may be taking it a little too far (eeekk!! how dare me and my humour but no doubt you will have plenty of opportunity to get your own back).

    Lots of love for a speedy recovery.