Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The show must go on...

It's been almost a fortnight since I escaped from hospital and then crept back in the next morning. There'd been a screen around my empty bed all night so that no-one would notice that I was AWOL. Except it wasn't really without leave. A kind doctor allowed me to escape when I told him I had a talk to do. As my op' wasn't scheduled until the next day he said I could go if I promised to be back in bed by 7 the next morning before the shifts changed. I promised.
I gave an extra talk at the WI that night. It lasted a couple of minutes and had the title, You Don't Know How Lucky You are, Ladies. In it I explained how I'd escaped and why both my hands and elbows were bandaged up - one elbow to cover the plug where the drip was going to go in, hands and other elbows to cover the places a medical person had attempted to get blood out of me. My veins are invisible and, if found, refuse to give up blood. Then, when the needle has been removed I spurt blood like one of those cartoon cowboys who get peppered with shot, take a drink and the water shoots out of all the bullet holes.
My last meal before going under the knife was WI cake. Thank you.
I milked my predicament for all it was worth and had an attentive and sympathetic audience. The LSO is now wondering if I'm still milking the situation. But I am still having to visit a nurse every other day for new dressings. Ouch!


  1. Ouch! I do feel for you Lynne. Get better soon and keep taking those pain killers. And go ahead and milk that situation until the cow's all dried up! xx

  2. The things you'll do to get sympathy, Lynne!

  3. Ouch indeed. Think you deserve to milk it for all its worth Lynne. Hope you feel a bit better with each day :o) xx