Sunday, March 09, 2014

Two writing lessons learned

Racing Start, my sports fiction novel for pre-teens managed to get up to number 3 on Amazon for children’s sports books. The theme of the book is racing cycling but also bullying.
            Why can I write about cycling? My son joined a cycling club when he was 12. We got roped in to help and the LSO ended up racing too. The Daughter joined because she realised the club membership was mostly boys.
            When I decided to write about the sport I actually did a ten mile time-trial so that I’d know what it felt like. Painful!
            I learned two lessons about writing when I wrote this book.
1.      Write about what you know. Being a cycling club member meant I had learned a lot about the sport. Later we had our own cycle shop and we called it Spokes And Saddles which was the name I gave the shop in my book.
2.      Find a niche in the market. I’d seen a series of sports fiction books and noticed that cycle racing was missing from their list of sports.

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  1. Congratulations Lynne. That's brilliant. Well done you. Thanks for the tips too. xx