Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I could be royalty

Six weeks since the operation to rid me of Writer’s Bottom (and no it wasn’t liposuction). See several posts below for details. I cannot believe that something as simple as an abscess could cause six weeks of discomfort. I am typing this sitting lop-sided and wondering if I will ever be able to sit on a hard wooden chair again. So many restaurants have them these days that I may be forced to carry around my own cushion.

I have a blue mark on my arm which I told my grandson, when he was little, was a sign of my Royal blue blood showing through. He believed that I was a direct descendant of the Princess who could feel the pea underneath a mountain of mattresses. Now I’m beginning to believe the story myself. I am made of delicate stuff.

Another reason for the blue spot is that it may be a transmitter fitted when I was abducted by aliens.

Beam me up but mind my bottom!


  1. Poor you. After your story, I now make sure I get up and walk around more often.

  2. Hope you are sitting upright soon, Lynne! Apparently, so my son tells me, the new way of thinking is we should work at our computers standing up. Just a thought...

  3. I'd heard that theory and when we get around to doing my writing room I'm going to have two stations - one sitting, one standing.

  4. It is a long old job isn't, it Lynne. But abscesses are dreadful things. I had one on my front tooth in my teens and I still remember the agony. Wish you free from any discomfort really soon - and yes good advice for anyone. Don't sit too long!
    At least those pesky aliens might have used their (possibly?) superior knowledge to scan you with those Startrekky things the medical bods use in space and rid of you of the bottom - well not the actual bottom but the discomfort thereon!!
    :o) xx