Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another Tuesday. Another cr*p photo

Last night I braved wind and rain to go to the weekly cycle race on the closed circuit at Stourport. It always makes me want to get on a bike again but I gave my hand-built, specially made to fit bike away so I wouldn't be tempted. Riding with my one remaining lumbar disk would not be a good idea. Now I watch others do it. And I attempt to take photos.
As you can see, last night they went too fast. They were there when I aimed the camera. Honest.


  1. You'll have to stand in the middle of the road next time, Lynne.

  2. We can't be good at everything Lynne!! :o) xx

  3. Oh that's hillarious Lynne, and I read this post thinking you'd had your hand built especially for riding a bike!!! I thought eh? This would be a great giggle post.