Thursday, May 01, 2014

May Giggle Blog

We now have a new surname – and it’s double barrelled.
Last week the LSO and I revisited the store where we’d bought our kitchen floor covering. We wanted to order flooring for the bathroom. The assistant phoned to see when the fitter was available to fit the bathroom floor and the conversation went like this -
‘It’s for Colin.’
‘Colin who?’
‘Colin Green-Vinyl.’
Apparently they all remember us because we’ve been the only ones brave enough to buy the lime green flooring.

 From green to blue. I mentioned my blue spot in the last post. The complete story goes like this. A friend at Writers’ Holiday told me that, during the night, she’d been abducted by aliens. ‘I’m sure it was real,’ she said, ‘but it could have been a dream.’
My reply was, ‘It wasn’t a dream. I saw you up there.’
The following year I showed her my blue spot and explained how I’d seen a programme about alien abduction and one woman had a spot like mine which she said was a transmitter that had been fitted so the aliens knew where she was.
With a completely straight face, she said, ‘Oh, I had one like that by my ribs but I picked at it and a tiny bit of metal fell out.’
The question is – who is kidding who? The truth is out there.


  1. Spooky stuff, oh, hope the bottom gets better. I've got an invader of the behind as well, see giggle blog. I love the green floor, and the new name as well, Lynne green-vinyl. And, where are you in the Writing magazine? Was it because of bottom troubles you're not in there. I'm miffed, unless I've missed the page you're on!! Great giggles.

  2. Well Mrs Green-Vinyl I think that floor is gorgeous! As for alien abductions - I distinctly remember grey aliens trying to drag me out of my bed! I haven't found a blue spot though ;-) x

  3. I have a friend who has always been known as Lindsay Headscarf.

  4. The floor is gorgeous as is the kitchen Mrs Green-Vinyll.

    Mmmm! Spooky stuff indeed :o) xx