Monday, June 02, 2014

It can't be June already. Time for another giggle blog

My daughter had a cleaning business many years ago. One man phoned up and asked if she also did ironing. She said yes and he could drop it off at the office she ran the business from. The man duly turned up with over thirty shirts that needed ironing.
I’m so glad he explained about them because I would have always wondered how a man has so many shirts and I’d never have got a short story out of it (published in That’s Life! Australia).
His wife had left him and he could manage to do everything apart from ironing. And how come he had so many shirts? He owned a gentlemen’s outfitters and every day he’d been taking a brand new shirt from stock.

And now over to Sue Blackburn who’s been having more problems with her spec’s.

 I've had it up to here with glasses. Well up to my eyes anyway - when I can find them!!!
Realised this morning my glasses weren't in their customary place hanging on cheery, red cord around neck! I'd been on the computer where I use a different pair so hadn't missed them.
I couldn't find them anywhere. Not by my bed, not in my Snug, not in the bathroom. They were nowhere to be found. 'I really am going mad' thinks I.
I retrace my steps.I couldn't have could I?
I had.
I'd put them on my bed whilst getting dressed and, when I checked, there they were all neatly tucked in from when I'd made it!!


  1. Two giggles for the price of one!
    Love the shirts story, Lynne :-)
    Sue, you should start your own blog. I have a lovely image of a pair of specs all tucked up snug in bed :-) x

  2. Great giggles, and Mr Shirty sounds hilarious. Did your specs need a bit of a snooze Sue? Hope they felt revived after the nap:)))

  3. I know Teresa. Heck!! I really hardly liked to disturb them they did look so snug and comfy - much better than being round my neck where they seem to constantly catch on stuff!!
    They probably put themselves to bed now I think about it.

    So yes Susan I guess they did feel they needed a snooze.
    I certainly needed a lie down when I realised what had happened!! :o)

  4. Wen I married my first (now late) husband, he had saved up 70 dirty shirts. But I never got a story out of them...well done, you!