Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My name is Lynne and I am a technophobe

OK. I’m a technophobe, or maybe a Luddite, and I may live to regret it. On the computer I only ever learn what I need to know and I know I never want Windows 8.

I have a mobile phone that cost me £10 many years ago. It’s a Pay as You Go which means I put £10 on it every couple of months. All it does (you may need to sit down for this bit of info) is make calls and send texts. The texting bit is obsolete now as I refuse to text anyone. It a major cause of ragged fingernails. Last night there was a catastrophe. My mobile seems to be giving up on me. It crackles and hisses after being used for longer than a minute. (Anyone who knows me will know that I cannot talk for less than a minute.) I may have to get a new one. (Cue nightmares!)

I don’t have an iPad or any of that other stuff and guess what? My life goes on without any hitches.

We now have a box for the tv where the signal comes down the phone. It reminds me of our first black and white 12 inch screen tv from when I was a kid. You switch it on and it takes ages to warm up. The only difference is the early set stayed blank whereas this one keeps telling us that it’s getting ready. Getting ready for what? To air a brand new drama that isn’t crime would be good.

And here’s my radio. Isn’t it gorgeous? And it works.


  1. That's a funky look you've got going on there Lynne. It should catch on. I want a radio like that. Or should I say wireless:)))

  2. I've got a radio like that Lynne!!

    To my horror my beautiful old phone gave up the ghost. At the same time I needed a new camera so I got my grandson's 'out of date!!' smart phone in great trepidation as it has a super camera, and thought it would kill two birds with one stone. (Ugh that's a horrid saying when you think about it isn't it!!) I cannot believe how amazingly easy it is to use. Snag is it only gives a tiny sound when texts come in and evidently no provision for longer one which is unbelievable!! My old phone played a positive symphony!! As it resides in my handbag I often don't realise I've got a text!!

    I don't much to HImself's disgust have the internet on it (if I'm out and about don't want to know!!!) and I use it as camera, for texting and phoning.

    Now I have to work out - well HImself has to work out - why the photos won't download on to my computer. Always something eh!! :o) xx

  3. PS - what that long ramble (sorry - got a bit carried away) was leading up to was to say the new phones - if you need to get one - honestly aren't as scary as you'd think. In fact it is a lot easier to use than my old phone!! Going now - honest .......xx

    1. I simply don't like change, Sue. Doesn't matter how simple the new stuff is, I like to keep what I know. Hmm. Maybe that's why I've been married for so long.

  4. I'm with you 100%, Lynne.
    Only know what I need on the PC, forgotten how to text (on my £4.50 mobile) but must confess to a tablet for emails on the road (well, I do travel a lot and can't cope with 500+ in the inbox...)