Saturday, June 28, 2014

Snippets of Conversation

Me : Are there any slug pellets in the shed?

LSO : If there are they’ll be out of date.

Me : So?

LSO : They won’t work.

Me : If we eat out of date stuff we get sick. Who cares if the slugs get sick? They might even die.

 (Now, I am not usually cruel to animals but slugs…? If anyone can tell me what use they are then I won’t feed them out of date goodies.)


  1. Actually they're part of the food chain for birds, hedgehogs,shrews, toads, snakes and frogs.

  2. The best remedy for getting rid of slugs, is throw them over your next door neighbours hedge... Preferably when they're not in the garden:))))

  3. Never mind the sell by date. They'll work. Trust me.

  4. Snails is our problem - but they do make a satisfying crunch when we come down our path in the dark after a night out.