Thursday, July 31, 2014

August giggle blog

Four year old Amelia had already had dinner when she came to see us. We’d invited her parents to eat with us but didn’t want to leave Amelia out so when it came to pudding the LSO asked, ‘Would you like a sliver of treacle tart?’

‘What’s a sliver?’ asked Amelia.

‘A little slice,’ the LSO told her.

She thought  for a moment, smiled up at him and said, ‘Please can I have a big sliver?’

And here's Susan Blackburn's giggle -

I was trying out my new phone/camera and was somewhat disconcerted when all I could see on the screen was not what I wanted to photograph but the rather lovely view of the seashore - behind me!
I had it set on 'gallery!'  I was looking at a photograph I'd already taken.



  1. That is just GORGEOUS! :o) xx

  2. I'll remember that next time I'm in a tea room.

  3. I think a big sliver is fair enough!

    That's the kind of thing I do with my camera phone, Lynne!

  4. That reminds me - it's teatime. Think I will have a really big sliver.

  5. A big sliver sounds delightful, and so does Amelia. Great giggle. Children are so sensible.

  6. Sue, that's so funny. Bet you thought 'this is a wowzy camera to take pictures that are behind you.' That's something I might have done as well.