Tuesday, July 01, 2014

July Giggle blog.

This made me giggle. You probably don’t know Betty and what she’s like (very funny) but I hope you can see the funny side too.

When I went to visit fellow writer (Elizabeth Moulder who writes for Woman’s Weekly) she told me about her new laptop. Finally, after many years’ service her ancient desk top computer failed. She’d taken it to a computer shop where it had been declared dead. ‘Why did it die?’ Betty asked the whizz-kid behind the counter. ‘Because it’s so old,’ came the reply. And Betty, in true writerly style, said. ‘But I’ve only dusted it twice.’

 Extra info. The computer shop mentioned above is not what Betty and I call Pissy World. The large national store got this name after a call from a telephone company wanting Betty’s business. A nice Indian lady tried to persuade her to change telephone companies with the offer, ‘You get special coupon for place like Deb And Hams and Pissy World.’

 And there’s more. While I was typing this the church bells began to ring. The LSO checked his watch. ‘It’s ten past nine,’ he said. ‘I wonder why the church bells are ringing.’ And my reply was, ‘Perhaps we’re being invaded.’

 Over to Sue Blackburn
Sue’s Giggle : I felt ever so chuffed when what I thought was an evergreen plant suddenly sported some really pretty pink flowers.
I felt ever so silly when the 'pretty pink flowers' turned out to be petals that had drifted down from the hanging basket above!


  1. Ha ha! That does it - I am never going to dust my computer again! I don't want to kill it.
    Thank you for the giggles, Lynne and Sue :-) x

  2. Oh, laughing out loud ladies for your funny giggles. Pissy world and Deb and Hams are hillarious. And flowers on the green plant. Such miracles. My compute had better stay un-dusted as well then. Thanks for the laughs. xx

  3. Pissy World? This is nothing to what husband and I once heard when we were in Focus, a store which is now Asda. Over the tannoy we heard, and you've perhaps guessed it ... "In F*ck Us today, we have ..." and then came all the offers, but we didn't listen to the list as husband and I looked at each other and said simultaneously, "WHAT did she say?"