Saturday, July 05, 2014

Tour de France - Stage 1

Cycle racing is a bit of a mystery to most Brits so it was lovely to see so many turn out in Leeds this morning. Our family have always been involved in the sport. That’s why I wrote Racing Start. It’s aimed at pre-teens but a lot of people could learn about the sport from it. Not a long read, at 27,000 words, and you might enjoy Le Tour more if you knew more about a cyclist’s life.
Racing Start - an Amazon best-seller. Fast paced cycling fiction for 8-12 yr olds
OK. It's another plug for my book but you have to admit it's good timing!


  1. All good wishes for lots of sales, Lynne. It was lovely watching this morning and seeing the stunning Yorkshire places we used to visit so often. :o) xx

  2. I've been watching the telly, waiting for you to be one of those people standing beside the TV reporters trying to get a copy of the book in shot for publicity purposes ;-)

  3. It's a great hobby, cycling - I don't do it enough. Good luck with the book sales.