Saturday, July 12, 2014

What I'm reading now

I’m in a book club. We get a varied diet. Two months ago it was an old classic – London Belongs To Me by Norman Collins. It’s not been out of print since it first appeared in 1945. It was 750 pages long but enjoyed by all, which makes a change.

Last month it was a biography of some woman who’d done very little but was egotistical enough to think the public would be interested. All but one agreed about the egotistical bit. It was 350 pages long but seemed a lot longer than Norman’s.

This month we are going to be reading The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett. After the last two it was a wise choice as it’s a brilliant author and only 124 A5 sized pages.


  1. Ooh what a treat, Lynne - Alan Bennett, always entertaining x

  2. Bet you'll have finished that by the weekend Lynne. Happy Reading. xx

    1. I'll read the Alan Bennett the day before Book Club meet. It should take an hour, Sue. I read the 750 page one the day before a meeting. Everyone was in awe but I didn't do much else all day and I've always been a very fast reader.