Thursday, August 07, 2014

A question for writers?

Can you be creative at more than one thing at a time? I can't. When I'm not writing I've been heard to tell the LSO that we have goats' cheese, mint and pears encased in filo pastry and served with a medley of green vegetables. Creative description. Creative cookery.
Lately I have been decorating and not a word, apart from emails and they don't count, has passed through my laptop.
My writing room is getting a new look. I couldn't decide between classy or fun but opted for fun when I saw this so suitable wallpaper. So I am being creative with décor but I will get back to writing.
And here's a close up of my 'pencil-end' paper.


  1. I love your pencil end wallpaper! I have butterflies all round the wall in my writing room as it used to be my granddaughter's bedroom :-)
    I can only be creative with one thing at a time too, When I was going through my hat-making stage I wasn't writing :-) x

  2. I hope you don't find your lovely wAllpaper distracting, Lynne.

  3. The wallpaper cheers me no end, Wendy. If I want distraction I can look out of the window. The view stretches for 20 miles.

  4. I wouldn't mind it covering a notebook, Lynne, but on a wall it would give me a headache! Don't you need dark glasses when you go in there?
    Margaret P