Thursday, August 28, 2014

Where my genes came from

I hope the 'dress sense' gene missed me out. This is my family circa 1900 (I think). No, it must be later. Ankles are on display.
The proud gentleman with the fine whiskers is my great-grandfather. I just about remember him when he was very old and his whiskers were nicotine stained and he paid me 3d to give him a kiss. His mahogany bureau sits in our living room.
The man on the far right - according to my Grandmother - died of a broken heart after his wife died during childbirth. The baby died too and he lived for six months after the tragedy.
I wonder who the others are.


  1. What a glorious picture! Your great grandfather sounds like a lovely man and wouldn't he be thrilled to know you still have his bureau?
    So sad about the man who died of a broken heart.
    We have some mystery photos from the past - we don't know the people in them, but know they are family x

  2. That's fantastic picture Lynne. I was told I should always write on photos themselves who everybody is. Afraid I still don't though but I do say who people are in my albums which I still keep going. My diaries!! Oh that is sad about the man who lost his wife and baby and died of a broken heart. x