Monday, October 06, 2014

Blooper headlines

Did anyone else think it was unfortunate that right next to the lovely picture of Victoria Hislop on the front cover of Writing Magazine were the words – MORE BOOM. LESS BUST? I immediately looked down at Ms Hislop’s neat bosom.

These little bloopers happen when positioning pictures and words and most people won’t notice. (Actually, a few more will now that I’ve pointed it out.)

I’ve made the same mistake myself. Many years ago, I was putting together a page of a newspaper. After being present at a council meeting I’d written an article about the number of homeless people in Worcester. I included a head and shoulders shot of one of the lady councillors who, I seem to remember, had rather a lot to say about their plight. All OK so far but I placed the photo directly beneath the headline which read GRIM PICTURE FOR CITY HOMELESS. I may as well have added ‘Cut out and keep’ underneath the photo.


  1. Unintentional jokes are usually the funniest. I wonder if the lady councillor laughed?

  2. I saw that about boom and bust and read it as boobs and bust, thinking it was some kind of erotica writing... Must be me, so glad you saw it as well:))))