Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Writing Day

Many of you will know that I interview a writer each month for Writing Magazine's My Writing Day.  I've always fancied doing this myself and letting everyone know about my writing day but I'm probably not allowed to interview myself. Now someone else has asked me to tell them about My Writing Day. You can check it out here.

I've no idea why I'm in so much demand lately but I'm not complaining. And please don't give up after the first couple of sentences. I think if this magazine was paper the LSO would have thrown it across the room when he read the start of this. You need to read on at least until the top of the first photo.


  1. Brilliant Lynne. You've know idea how comforted I feel that your day begins just like min. Not that I'm comparing me to you, you understand, she added hastily, but this still very novice writer often feels guilty if I'm not up and at it straight off and at every available moment. But I still manage to get short stories written somehow and enjoy emailing, FB, reading (definitely research :o) and all the other distractions. So thank you, feeling less guilty by the moment that instead of editing the short story I've just written I'm on your Blog!! Thank you for always being such an inspiration and all the support you've given me and so many others :o) xx

  2. Heck - just like mine - not min. Brilliant editing that was!!

  3. Super! I'm working like a pro :) But I must admit, another Autumnal distraction has been added to the mix: leaf disposal. We don't have trees in our garden but our neighbour has a humungous walnut tree that insists on dumping its leaves on our lawn. Maybe it's a consquence of going out in the middle of the night and stealing the nuts (the tree's not the neighbour's).
    Ooooo, there must be a short story in there somewhere. Well, I've done my daily battle with the leaves, not so much fun when the wind decides to play, and now back to the writing. Have a lovely day.

  4. Enjoyed reading that, Lynne. And it is refreshing to know that a professional like you doesn't do that:- zumba before dawn, write through until 3, grab a crispbread, fetch the kids, make a 4 course dinner and write until 10..... I always think partners of these types must be like housekeepers and cooks and bottlewashers and saints rolled into one.