Monday, November 24, 2014

10 Reasons to visit a bookshop

I have pledged not to use Amazon for the whole of December but why wait? I stopped mid-November and had so much fun I may never use it to buy anything ever again. I realise, as writers, we need Amazon/Kindle in order to sell our own books but let’s hope someone with higher morals will come along to replace this company, or at least give us a choice.
On our Sabbath (any day of the week we choose to take off and do no work) the LSO and I visited Tewkesbury and called in at Alison’s Book shop. And my heart expanded as I realised what I’d been missing.

1. All those books to see, touch, feel, smell, try out…
2. Enough corners to hide behind so I could sniff the volumes in private.
3. An experienced salesperson to chat to.
4. Chairs to sit on whilst peering at the packed shelves or reading a few pages and making decisions.
5. A chance to listen to customers and hear how helpful the man behind the counter was. Examples. ‘Do you have a book of poetry – I’ve forgotten the title- but it has a poem about larks in it?’ ‘I’ve got some numbers for the books I want but they may have been written down wrongly…’
6. The joy of finding a favourite author and one of his books that I’d never read.
7. Discovering that the book is signed.
8. Getting a chance to discuss the author with the salesperson and discover he visits the shop to sign his books each time a new one comes out. I’ll be there next time.
9. To look at books that a certain company would never have recommended for me and find ones that I had never considered before.
10. The joy of wandering around with a bagful of books knowing that I had hours and hours of pleasure to come.

And a post-script. People who wander the streets, oblivious to others and to traffic, texting on their mobile phones annoy me so why did a guy walking through the shopping centre reading a book make me smile?


  1. It's also a great place to bump into other authors too!

  2. When my local bookshop had some copies of my romance collection on display, it was so much more exciting than seeing it on amazon.

  3. Another book-sniffer! And here I was thinking I was the only one. Mind you, I don't hide, but I do get some funny looks ;-)))

  4. That feeling when you walk into a bookshop. All those beautiful books, and that evocative special smell. (Often wish there was a nicer word than smell to describe amazing perfumes and scents. Suppose it's cos smell covers everything from nasty to absolutely gorgeous!!)

    I've adored reading from when I first could l so that special feeling when I walk into these amazing places goes right back to then. More years than I care to remember!!

    I wouldn't be without my Kindle but still love the 'real thing!' :-) xx