Friday, November 28, 2014

4 beautiful things

Four Beautiful Things in one morning!

1. We have a surprise visitor. A long-time friend who we’d lost touch with until recently. Cayn Theakston was a top professional cyclist and won the Tour of Portugal in 1988. Cayn gives better hugs than anyone else I know and his crinkly smile lights up the room.

2. A letter from the hospital. The LSO’s appointment for his angioplasty is on Dec 8. It’s a relief to know the date.

3. The man who is building a house for himself on the plot of land next to us comes around to ask if we’d like our hedge cut. So grateful because the LSO can’t do it at the moment and it would have taken me a week a little bit at a time.

4. I put in a Cosmic Order for a parking spot near to the optician’s. ‘Turn left,’ I tell the LSO and there’s a space right around the corner.’ And there it was!


  1. What an inspiring blog, Lynne. Nothing like old friends is there - especially ones who give you a fantastic hug and their smile lights up the room.

    Brilliant news about the app. So pleased for you.

    I still maintain despite all the bad press - PEOPLE ARE GREAT - well I find they are, anyway.

    Cosmic Order sounds wonderful. Perhaps a blog on that? I realised actually I'd been sort of doing that for ages cos I've always had this blind belief there'll be a parking spot - and usually there is :0) xx

  2. Its the little things that make a difference, eh? Lets hope everything else goes well too!! Happy Christmas!

  3. Isn't it great when life just goes as it should?

  4. A lovely upbeat post, Lynne. Four very different things to put you in the best frame of mind, I'm sure. :-)

  5. Such a heart-warming post, Lynne. And what a fab new neighbour. I keep leaving the last of the leaves on the lawn in our back garden, in the hope that someone else will clean them away. But it ain't gonna happen. My Wellies are stomping next to the rake. Doh!