Monday, November 17, 2014

75,000 Reasons to be grateful

Another of Brian Feinblum’s ideas for a blog is to comment on an anniversary of an important event.
This time eight years ago I was waiting for my Deal Or No Deal appearance to be aired. I’d been on for three weeks, opening boxes, and my actual show was due to go out on the 20th. I’d been asked not to tell too many people about the outcome so my winning £75,000 was a secret. The local pub was going to show my game on their big screen and friends had been invited. The LSO and I had said we’d pay for the drinks. ‘But don’t let it get over £50,’ the LSO told Dave, the landlord, making him think the worst.
When it got to the final two boxes – one with 10p in and the other with £75,000 – Dave groaned and everyone in the pub was shouting Deal to the offer the Banker had made me – Walk away now with £22,075. Of course, back in October when I’d played the game I’d said No Deal and walked away with the big money.
A few years previously we’d lost our business and our home and were re-building our lives when the LSO has his heart attacks. Sick pay was just over £50 per week so we were back to being broke. We’d borrowed the money to get to the studio in Bristol. Deal Or No Deal changed our lives. And I’m still making money out of it by giving talks on my experiences. 
Oh, that's not the LSO I'm hugging. It's the charismatic Noel Edmonds.
You can check out my game on Youtube. Put in Deal Or No Deal 2007 Lynn. (Wrong year and wrong spelling of my name but it gets you there.)



  1. Eight years?? How can it be eight years? I remember it vividly - we were glued to the telly :-) x

  2. My mum is an avid watcher - I bet she saw it. I didn't knwo you then, so sadly missed it.

  3. I can't believe it's eight years ago either. WHERE does the time go? You were/are amazing :-) xx

  4. I didn't know you eight years ago Lynne but I am glad that fate changed for the better, financially. I'm hoping fate will play me a good hand soon but I'd gladly trade it in for a healthy Hackles LSO. Me and the toy boy can live off bread and water for a little while longer :)