Sunday, November 02, 2014

November giggle blog

A bit late this month. That’s because the LSO had an angiogram on Friday. He already has six stents (sort of scaffolding holding open his arteries). Now he needs two more as another artery is blocked. It may mean a bypass but we’re hoping not. So what is there to laugh about? Well, he was told to rest for 48 hours so I’ve been on his case, giving him orders about what he can and cannot do. This morning I told him off for doing something – I can’t remember what – and his reply was, ‘I don’t mind doing what I’m told as long as you remember what you told me to do.’
We’ll be getting through this tough time with a lot of giggles and great friendships.

Over to Sue Blackburn -
My mum had a great sense of humour and could always laugh at herself. We were discussing perfumes one day.
 “Oh,” she said, tutting away, “I much prefer talc. Those perfume smells get right up my nose.”
 Cue hysterics from both of us when she realised what she’d said.



  1. Sorry to hear of the tough time. The answer to doing nothing is a remote control and Box Sets! When my ToB (toy boy hubby, by six months) was in a similar position I invested in several box sets of his favourite shows. Worked a treat. All I had to do was answer to his little bell to change the DVD :) That bell, well... that's a whole other story. All the best.

  2. I can imagine how hard it is to get the LSO to rest, Lynne! I will be thinking of you both and sending positive thoughts xx

    I can see where you get your lovely warm sense of humour from, Sue :-) xx

  3. It's funny really. When you want them to do something, you often have to nag. And when you want them to do nothing, it can be just as hard
    good luck!

  4. It's brought back memories of trying to stop my mum gardening when she'd just had a knee op!

  5. Glad you still giggle blogged, Lynne even though it's hard when loved ones aren't their usual selves. We have to see the good things, you have each other, and hope he gets well soon.

    Up your nose, Sue.... that's funny. Like those fly spray type of really espensive ones, I know what you mean, they do.

  6. Oh Lynne, I do sympathise! My LSO is going in for a quadruple bypass in 3 weeks time! (He's had no symptoms and it was picked up almost by chance.) He's not much good at resting either but has been 'practising'! He's invested in a pile of books and a chess app on the iPad. We'll see how it goes... All the best for yours! ;-)

  7. Hope the angiogram went well. Of course, the only way to really ensure the LSO doesn't do anything, is to sit next to him and do nothing with him!