Monday, December 01, 2014

December giggle blog

The LSO has a habit of asking me questions when I am in the middle of my ablutions (good old fashioned word). ‘Why do you always want a conversation with me when I’m cleaning my teeth?’ I asked him.
His reply – ‘It’s the only chance I get to speak.’

I don’t need subtitles but I love reading them because they hold so many silly mistakes. How about?
Zoe Ball : ‘That’s a lovely tie.’
Subtitle : ‘That’s a lovely Thai.’
And what about this little gem?
Who or what was meant by Pepsi cans it? (Find the answer after Sue’s giggle.)

Sue’s giggle blog

A group of us had just started looking around this stately home. One of the crowd was looking at a beautiful piece of furniture, a gorgeous chest of drawers. "Ooh I wonder what it says about this piece," she says, putting her hand on top and leaning forward to read the notice. She leaps back, blushing. "Please don't touch the furniture," the notice proclaimed.


Answer: Pepsi cans it = Patsy Kensit. Honestly!


  1. That certainly kicked off December with a blast, Lynne. I think I will read it every day this month to keep the gleaming smile on my face, during these dark, unfriendly days.

  2. Pepsi cans it ha ha! Were these real sub-titles or am I just being dense?

  3. They were real. They came from the weekly show about Strictly Come Dancing. I can't remember the name of it at the moment.

  4. On the BBC news channel last week I saw "no ifs, no buts" translated as "no beds are bugs".

    For a really good laugh though, I use Google Translate to translate my German friend's e-mails into English (or an odd form of English).

  5. Fantastic giggles, Lynne and Sue. Fancy only being able to get a word in when you're doing your ablutions... Honestly, and those sub-titles used to make me laugh when I was at the gym on a treadmill, and the sound was off.
    Hands off the furniture is hillarious, Sue. You should write a story around that. Once, while visiting a stately home, I thought a statue was a dummy, sitting on a chair, and then she gave me a sly smile, I nearly died.