Monday, January 26, 2015

Chocolate, themes and diets

Write about dogs, kids, chocolate, sex, and life-death issues -- but somehow link these popular things to your blog’s theme. That’s another suggestion from Brian Feinblum on things to blog about. And today’s choice is Chocolate. As my blog doesn’t have a theme, unless you call my ramblings one, then I’ll feel free to write about chocolate, or lack of it.

The current lack of chocolate in my life is down to two things. Cadbury’s and a diet.

I refuse to indulge in a crème egg if the chocolate is not of the same quality I’ve always had. I just knew there’d be problems once an American company took over Cadbury. First of all they disposed of the gold coins we all had in our Christmas stockings. Now they’re messing with our eggs and that makes it easier to say I will not be eating their eggs this year or any time again until the proper chocolate is reinstated.

Now to the diet. I’m back on the C-Plan which I invented and Jane Wenham-Jones put in her book, 100 Ways to Fight The Flab. Think about it for a moment. So many of the good, but fatty things, begin with C. The diet’s rule states you eat nothing beginning with C unless it’s a fruit or vegetable. (Being life-long vegetarian, chicken doesn’t come into it for me.) So no Chocolate, Cake, Cream, Cheese, Crackers, Choc-chip Cookies… I’m sure you can add to the list.

And this time I am not going to cheat and call Chips French Fries. Or Cake gateau.
100 Ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate.  On kindle, e formats and in paperback


  1. Oh, the demise of the original crime egg! I could weep. (I think crime egg, tho a typo, describes the new one perfectly).

  2. Why oh why would they muck about with something that has been popular for so long? Does make you wonder doesn't it. What a brilliant idea Lynne, such a simple formula - although cutting out all the C words is anything but - well for me it's Cheese! I do love it so. I am quite lucky cos I don't really have a sweet tooth - oh except for Crumble. Oh dammit - a C word, oh and Custard. I'm going off you rapidly Lynne Hackles :-( xx

  3. I've read Jane's book and it is ...... fabulicious :) But one question: Jane has suggested in the past that to eat chillies will help speed up the metabolism. Does that mean it one eats chilli within a hard dark brown sweet shell it will cancel out the bad 'c' ? [I can't find a synonym for chocolate - boo hoo]. Glad to hear you are feeling better, Lynne.