Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 22. Will life ever be normal again?

It’s Day 22 of The Cough. And I’m going to have a bloody good moan about it. I cough day and night. I’ve drunk two bottles of cough mixture and have a discarded one that I dare not touch again. It promised a night’s sleep. I got sixteen hours and another 24 zombie like ones. My ribs hurt, my back hurts, every effing thing hurts. Even my dignity. After years of pelvic floor exercising I’ve had to revert to Tena Lady. Yes, my hacking is that bad.

The LSO is OK during daylight hours but coughs during the night and we can’t seem to synchronise it. He’s quiet, I bark. I am quiet for a few moments and he hacks away. This was the reason why I suggested, only half jokingly, that we had a suicide pact. Well, it was 4am and we all know that no decisions should be made at that time of the morning.

I watch crap television into the early hours and until my eyelids droop but then only get approximately three hours sleep each night. I look a hundred years old and I am fed up.

Please read this and forget it. PLEASE don’t tell me honey and lemon will work, or an inhalation of whatever or suggest I sip any sort of concoction. Nothing works. But this moan has done me good. I know a lot of people have this Three Week (and more) Cough so do feel free to leave a moaning comment.


  1. You have my complete and utter smpathy. Coughs are so exhausting. Wish you better really soon both of you xx

  2. Lynne, that sounds awful. I would not presume to tell you what do to or suggest any home remedies - I just hope you get better soon. Keep us posted!

  3. A good single malt whisky - and lots of it!!! If it doesn't help the cough, it'll help you forget about the cough. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Lynne.

  4. Think of it like that time when babies are teething - awful sleepless nights for what seem like forever but one day you look back and can hardly remember it. Hope you get there soon x