Monday, February 02, 2015

February giggle blog - It's a kind of magic

Four year old Amelia was showing us some magic tricks. We were sitting around the dining table. She carefully placed several small toys in front of her and made them disappear, one by one. She did this by saying the magic word, Abracadabra, and then swishing the chosen toy off the table and into her lap where she hid them in a bag. Naturally, we all pretended we didn’t see this not-so-sleight of hand.
If we had known what she had magicked away, without any of us seeing, we would have clapped and cheered more enthusiastically. Somehow, she managed to ‘invisible’ a drinks coaster. It was discovered much later, once she was home and her parents checked her bag. They sent us a photo so that we could admire her skills.

 And from Sue Blackburn-

Giggle blog - my lovely Mum again!
Discussing classical music and Chamber Music came up.
Friend: "I like Chamber Music do you, Pauline?"
Mum: "No I don't like Chamber Music. I can't stand all that tinkling sound!"


  1. That disappearing animal trick sounds hysterical, Lynne. And by the looks of it she has a nice little collectors business going on as well.
    Sue, that's so funny. And could have been much worse than tinkling....

  2. I was rubbish at magic - the only thing I can make disappear without a trace is a whole packet of Jammie Dodgers :)