Monday, March 23, 2015

Headlines and Heart Attacks

My friend, Betty had picked up an ancient copy of Take A Break in the hairdresser’s. As soon as she got home she phoned to tell me about the incredible title of a true life article. ‘My hubby copped off with the mid-wife while I was in labour.'
Followed by a wonderful sidebar by an inspired sub editor – ‘He pulled while I pushed.’

It reminded me of when I wrote about the LSO’s heart attack. When he was fighting for his life he saw his Dad and brother at the bottom of his hospital bed. This was at the same time as a nurse was phoning me to rush to the hospital to say goodbye to him. Her call woke me from a dream where I saw LSO’s Dad and brother standing at the bottom of his bed. Once the crisis was well and truly over I wrote up this story for Fate & Fortune, or it could have been It’s Fate. I get the two confused. And to get to the point – the line on the front cover of the magazine screamed – Colin’s Horror As Dead Dad Comes To Get Him.

Friends said him seeing that was enough to give Colin (The LSO) another heart attack but luckily he’s used to me using anything and everything in our lives as writing fodder. 


  1. Still enjoy your Blog posts, Lynne, but still can't work out where real life meets fiction.

  2. You had me worried then Lynne. Attention grabbing headline - it worked!

  3. I sold a true life story once - the title was 'The Day My Head Exploded'. Some parts of the incident may have been very slightly exaggerated.

    Nothing actually exploded. And it happened at night. The bit about me having a head is true though.

  4. I think your antics act as a huge motivator for the LSO to fight everything that's thrown his way, Lynne. He is most definitely needed by your side to share in the surprises, even if he can't control them :) Wishing you both lots more stories and laughter!