Sunday, March 01, 2015

March Giggle blog

The LSO tends to leave money lying around. I’m not talking big bucks here. It’s usually copper. I’ve been picking it up and putting it in a pot. A few days ago he found this and asked what the money was for.
            ‘I’m saving up to leave you,’ I told him.
            He counted the cash. 22p. ‘I see you’re not in a rush,’ he said.

Sue Blackburn’s giggle blog -
Talking to daughter discussing musicals. Then conversation turned to Michael Ball. "I just love him," says I. "Since he first came on the scene as a young fellow in Love Changes Everything. Course, he's been in that recent show, hasn't he – Shampoo?"
Daughter stares at me. "Shampoo?" she says, doubtfully. The penny drops. She shrieks with laughter.
"Mother," she says, "for heaven’s sake. You mean Hairspray!"