Monday, March 30, 2015

Rock and Write

We were at Ikea and I was taking every opportunity to sit down. I sat on beds, sofas, chairs and the rocking chair. It wasn’t a good day to be wandering around such a huge place as it was one of my limited standing-up days. I have only one lumbar disc remaining so I’m a bit like a car with no shock-absorbers.
I made a note of the order number for the rocker and we continued. We were actually looking for a new basin for the bathroom. The LSO found one and went to find out if it came with all the plumbing bits. I looked around. The only place to sit was on a toilet. I decided to give that a miss. Too many people with Facebook accounts walking around with phone cameras. If I go viral I'd prefer a toilet not to be involved.
I wandered painfully on until... ’Help! I need to sit down,’ I told an assistant. She upturned a pile of plastic waste-paper baskets right by me and helped me onto them. Then she dashed off to find something more comfortable – a stool. Thank you to the lovely staff at Ikea, Birmingham.
The LSO eventually found me and helped me out to the car but not before we bought that rocking chair.

President Kennedy had 18 rocking chairs. The rocking motion is good for chronic pain. Apparently if the spinal cord is sending messages down the spine to tell your legs to rock the chair it can’t be doing anything else, like telling your back it hurts. Essentially, rocking blocks pain. The spinal cord can’t multi-task. At least that’s what I think the report on Google was saying. (Does this mean it's male?) I could now do with a rocking chair at my desk but is it even possible to type and rock at the same time?


  1. How funny you should say that. I had a rocking chair at my desk for a couple of years, and could certainly type and rock. Then my other half asked for the chair (which was his to begin with) because he suffers occasionally with his back. He has told me before about JFK and rocking chairs! But the thing is, I am now off work with a painful sacro-iliac problem, which has flared up in the weeks since I gave up that rocking chair. Hmm... perhaps we should go to Ikea!

    Hope you feel more mobile soon. x

    1. Thanks for that, Joanne. I shall go off to ebay now (easier than wandering around shops with this muscle spasm) and buy my second rocking chair to use at my desk.

  2. Surely if you did go viral, you would want to be close to a toilet? ;-)

    I'm off to test out our rocking chair, now.

  3. One of my sons, newly potty trained and about two years old, actually used a showroom loo. My husband picked him up and fled (the coward), though he did then phone up and confess.

  4. You are now officially a Rock Chick! Next up, a laptop cushion holder thingy (have no clue what that are called) but then you can work and rock. It's my birthday tomorrow and now I want, want, want a rocking chair!!
    Hope you are feeling better today.

  5. That sounds good, Lynne. I've got a solid chair, the rocker would be more fun. Hope you feel better soon.