Sunday, April 19, 2015

Noise sensitive

Did you read the recent report about people who get irritated by the sound of others eating or even breathing being geniuses? I did and am now claiming to be a genius (not that any other signs have shown themselves). I am, and always have been noise sensitive. I also happen to have acute hearing.
How do I know this? For a short while I had an extremely well paid job which involved wearing a flying helmet and sitting in a sound-proofed room. Whilst wearing headphones I had to listen to words being transmitted over the sound of a Harrier jump jet and then click the correct words on a computer. Half the women in the area applied for the job but only a dozen of us passed the very strict hearing test. 

And now the noise from a house being built next to us is driving me mad so the LSO has booked a cottage for us to escape to for a few days peace, starting tomorrow. Hence this blog post appearing a day early. When I realised I might not have wifi where we are going I very speedily knocked out this post. It’s easy enough to do when you’re a genius.


  1. Always knew you were a genius Lynne but an acute hearing genius too. Wow!!
    Have a fantastic break :-) xx

  2. The sound of people gulping drinks... Don't get me started on it! Have a great break.

  3. Unfortunately, my hearing is deteriorating rapidly, which is rather annoying. Come to think of it, my eyes are also deciding not to function as well as they should be. Uh-oh, better take out private health insurance - soon :)