Monday, May 11, 2015

I'll believe what I want to

Last week a triangle waved to me. It was about my height and definitely a triangle shape but it had arms with chubby hands. I was in the car, as a passenger, and I waved back. No-one else was waving so when I did the poor ignored triangle put its chubby hand on its heart. ‘Did you see that?’ I asked my chauffeur (The LSO). ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘It was someone dressed as a slice of pizza to advertise the new take-away.’

No way! To me it will always be a magical triangle.


  1. A magical triangle is so much more. well, magical isn't it than a flipping slice of pizza. Seeing magic everywhere is such a lovely way to live. BTW - thought this wasn't a giggle blog anymore!! That made me laugh out loud. Fabulous. Sending magic dust your way :-) xx

    1. Everything is either science or magic, Sue, and I never did enjoy science.

  2. That's cute. The other morning, we were tootling around the town on our cleaning round, and there was a man dressed as Robin, from Batman and Robin, waving a flag advertising Pizza. He looked a bit mis as well, so I tooted the horn and waved. He waved back. Then on another island, there was Supernan, we tooted at him as well and he waved...... life is great when you like living isn't it?

  3. That last line of yours should be on a calendar, or something. It's motivational and 100 percent correct.

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  5. I'm always seeing things that other people miss. 'They' say it's because I need new glasses, I say it's proof of my creative imagination.
    I feel a story coming on ...