Monday, May 18, 2015

Time-travelling with a laptop

This blog is called I Should Be Writing and I am. Guess what I am doing. Two things at once. I’m writing and time-travelling, stepping back in time and writing about our adventures when we went around the coastline of Britain in our motorhome. I made lots of notes back then and am enjoying doing the trip all over again but this time from my desk. And when I’m not time-travelling? I'm also critiquing a book for a student, planning another book which I shall sensibly try to sell as a series of articles first (short stuff pays better) and writing up a couple of interviews.

Today I need to plan my talk for the Gloucestershire meeting of the Society of Authors. Leaving everything until the last minute again, like a true writer. The meeting is tomorrow.

I don’t often blog about writing because when a subject crops up the realisation dawns that I could use it for my Novel Ideas column in Writing Magazine (and get paid).

I’m busy and loving it.


  1. Busy lady as always. It's great to look back on memories and relive that time isn't it. Good luck with your talk tomorrow. They're in for a treat :-) xx

  2. Those road trips sound good.... You could call the book, 'Writing Tips from the Road Trip' then have a cartoon picture of a campervan going over the brow of a mountain, and the sea on the other side. I always read your column first in the magazine.