Sunday, June 14, 2015

snapdragons and dog roses

Picked on a sunny day so when the rain returned I still had sunshine.

And now I’ve mentioned sunshine let me tell the short story writers among you that fewer stories are sent out during the summer months. I was once told this by an editor who, when I was out of breath when answering the phone, said accusingly, ‘You were in the garden, weren’t you?’
He then went on to tell me that most of his writers were part-timers and would spend their spare time outside when the sun shone – hence fewer stories sent out.

In case you were wondering, he was right. I was in the garden when the phone rang.


  1. Lovely flowers, Lynne. A good dose of vitamin D is what we all need. Last summer, I set up a writing space in the garden - got words down and a lovely tan :)

  2. They look pretty, and thanks for the tip, so I'll send a few extra stories out. That's if I'm not in the garden:))

  3. Gorgeous flowers - I'd love to paint them!
    Yes, guilty as charged, when the sun shines I want to be outside, but that's often where I get my inspiration so I am still writing - sort of ...