Monday, June 22, 2015

Sometimes you can be too helpful

A lessons I have learned about being too helpful.
Do not help any female stranger - as I did - if you see their skirt tucked into their knickers. In hindsight I should have whispered something discreetly. I didn’t. I stood behind her and pulled her skirt out. It’s a good job my reactions are quick because she turned around in alarm and attempted to slap me. I ducked. Last time I’ll be doing that.
But I nearly did a repeat when I saw a man walking in front of me. He was wearing new jeans and the price ticket was still on the back pocket. I was about to rip it off but stopped myself.
They were expensive jeans. I let him walk and brag.


  1. I almost fell off the chair laughing at this, Lynne. Mostly because I can imagine you doing that. Poor woman must have had the shock of her life - a discreet word would have been best, but then I wouldn't have had a good laugh. You are funny!

  2. That's hilarious Lynne. Only you .......:-) xx

  3. Glad you ducked in time. Leave it and laugh next time.

  4. The scene is playing over and over in my mind and I'm still chuckling, Lynne. Story material...? ;-)

  5. I just read this and had a good laugh. So glad you left the label.