Monday, June 29, 2015

Three lovely things - July blog

The roses aren’t pink and they aren’t red or even orange but a mixture of the three and a colour nothing man-made can match. I pick four for the lounge. Their fragrance fills the room and each time I enter I stop to drink in their perfume and beauty.

To share time with fellow writer, Anita Loughrey. We talk and talk and talk. ‘What time is it?’ I eventually ask. ‘Ten past midnight,’ she tells me and we are amazed how the time has passed.

An elderly lady looks as if she has been abandoned outside the station. Her taxi hasn’t turned up. I use my mobile to call one for her and notice that beneath her coat she is has a long blue skirt and, at her neck, a cross and chain. She is a nun. I tell her the taxi driver is called Nick, but not Old Nick. She laughs, thanks me and tells me I am growing wings. Later my back itches. I can feel my wings-buds.


  1. I always knew you were an angel :) I used to work in a school that was situated in the grounds of a nunnery. Hence, I had daily contact with the Holy residents and found them to be the most hilarious characters I've ever met. They were blessed with a 'wicked' sense of humour - had me in stitches quite often. Highlight of my days as a School Director.

  2. You are an angel, Lynne - I knows it :-) xx

  3. Those roses are perfect, like you our Angel Lynne, lovely post, and don't fly away too far...

  4. I can smell those roses - unscented ones are such a disappointment.