Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dragons, questions with multiple choice answers and useless information

This is my brother’s story but it doesn’t have an ending.
My brother walks a lot. His wife takes him out in the car and drops him off somewhere so he can walk home. The family joke is she keeps taking him further and, one day, she might produce his worldly goods from the back of the car and drop those off with him.
Anyway, my brother was telling me about a walk he had where he found a dragon. Naturally, him being my brother and not me, it wasn’t a real dragon. It was a clockwork toy and it was sitting in the entrance to a field. He picked it up and carried it for half a mile or so, then decided he didn’t want it so he left it sitting on a gate-post.
Next time he took that walk he saw the dragon again. It was sitting in the field entrance – it’s original place. He picked it up again, wondering if it had wound itself up and walked home. Half a mile further on he tied the dragon to a tree.
Next time he took that walk there was no dragon to be seen. Not in the field entrance. Not on the gatepost and not tied to the tree.
So, where is it?
A.    Did its owner reclaim it?
B.     Did its dragon mother come and fetch it?
C.     Did someone break the spell so that the key could be removed and it turned into a real dragon?
D.    Something else?

Did you know that dragon eggs only hatch during thunder storms? It must be true because I read it somewhere.
Seen many years ago outside a railway station – ‘If you thought dragons were extinct go and see the manageress of the buffet.’

The picture is of a dragon made by a friend in Wales. It is not a copy of my brother’s dragon.


  1. The dragon was obviously rescued by Merlin the Dragonmaster.

    What a beautiful red dragon. What a clever friend.

    A chap I worked with one day pronounced thughtfully "They named my wife after a flower you know"
    Pause for effect

  2. That's a great story, funny as well. What a beautiful dragon. Your brother must have been in Wales. Perhaps dragon was the gatekeeper, and then realised he wasn't a brilliant one, so flew away, back to his cave in the hills.

  3. Great story, Lynne. I do love a good dragon story. Maybe the dragon popped over to the railway station for a cuppa with his manageress friend?

  4. I saw in a woodcraft shop a sign that said "Please handle dragons with care" which struck me as good advice ;-)