Monday, July 13, 2015

Lynne's secret diary (Aged nine years, one month, one week and two days)

I had to choose between two diary entries today. I’m leaving the one about all the food until another time and have opted to go for the ‘sporty, good communicator and loving sister’ one.
Polly, that’s what Pauline called herself, lived at that address a long, long time ago so if you promise not to write to her I’ll tell you a secret.

I watched Rawhide because a certain Clint Eastwood was my first ever crush.


  1. aaahhh! Clint Eastwood was a favourite of mine too - still is. But my first crush was Elvis Presley. My bedroom wall was covered with posters of him and I watched every movie with him in it. It's a pity they don't show them any more. Mind you I would probably cringe now. Acting wasn't really his 'thing' :)

  2. What a lovely big sister! Ooh I used to have a crush on Rowdy Yates too :-) xx

  3. Love that fancy writing, and the cliff top drawing. Such talent at a young age. No wonder you're a super writer/teacher/columnist/coach/the list could go on and on. Love.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx