Sunday, August 30, 2015


One of my stories in Murder In The Sun  is based on a true occurrence that took place on a school trip. Let’s just say that four teachers went and only three returned.
(Murder In The Sun - 23 stories. Out now but you’ll have to ask at WH Smith as they tend to hide them.)

Back in childhood days my two brothers and I were always fighting. One day the kitchen window got broken during one of our scraps. We were horrified. What were we going to tell Mom when she got home? Luckily I’d read in a book, or seen on television, that if the window is broken from the inside the glass is outside and vice-versa. Our shattered glass was outside so we carefully gathered it all up, put it inside and told Mom that someone had run up the entry and thrown a ball through the window. (The entry is a passageway between houses.) Mom never believed us and often asked, right up until she died, who broke the window? By then we had all lied for so many years that we honestly didn’t remember.

I confess to having a bit of work done. It wasn’t actually cosmetic surgery. It was necessary. My eyelids were drooping so I had an eye-lift on the NHS. I was awake while it was done but didn’t feel a thing due to the amazing local anaesthetic. The only nasty bit was listening to the surgeon’s tiny scissors snipping off the spare flesh. He said to pretend it was ice clinking in a glass so we made up a story about what we were drinking and where. 

I confess to putting the photo at the top to ensure you read the whole blog in order to find out what had happened to me. I should also confess to that photo being two years old but it got you reading, didn't it?


  1. Me and my brothers got up to all sorts too. I remember trying to do a good deed which saw one of mom's precious china figures losing a head. My brother quickly grabbed the super glue and we hoped she wouldn't notice. The thumb print is still evident on the back of her head :)
    Can't find Murder in the Sun anywhere. What's the ISBN number?
    Have a great week.

  2. In my novel, a window has got broken from outside and I've mentioned glass on the worktop - oops!

  3. Just realised I'd read it wrong (thought that was odd) - I'm saved!

  4. Sounds like your surgeon was a writer too - or at least a storyteller.