Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pens don't count, do they?

At the beginning of this year I swore not to buy any new notebooks and you know how difficult that can be for a writer. So difficult that I have been avoiding shops which sell stationery. Until yesterday.
We (that’s the LSO who supervises shopping – that’s another story) visited Wilko’s because the LSO said we needed a new washing-up bowl. And there it was – not the bowl – an array of stationery and I resisted the notebooks. I did however buy a pack of those clear folders and a set of pens. Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue. I’ve got a rainbow of pens. They’re those Inkjoy ones that have been advertised on telly. I couldn’t wait to get home and test them. Not a single one worked! ‘They’re useless,’ I wailed to the LSO so he took a look and, very carefully, flicked off a little protective cap on the tip of each pen. Oh, the joy of writing smoothly and easily with my new pens. In fact I wrote this by hand in purple ink before typing it on to my blog.

The LSO does the shopping because he reckons it costs half as much when I am not with him. That’s because he sticks to a list while I throw in lots of goodies which we, apparently, don’t need. I also tend to misbehave in supermarkets. e.g. I’ll toss a cauliflower over someone’s head and shout to the LSO to catch it. Behaving like this ensures I never have to go food shopping. 


  1. What a great plan for not doing food shopping. I use a similar plan for not making tea for anyone at work. Well not throwing it around of course but making it sooo badly I am not asked again!!

  2. Well done on resisting the notebooks, Lynne. Those little bobbles on the end of pens cause no end of angst, but worth it once they're gone. I must admit I got a lovely notebook in Wilko last time I was in there, nice paper and a suedey feel cover.
    Laughing at the thought of you throwing vegetables about in the supermarket :-) xx

  3. It's the opposite in our house. I'm the one who sticks to the shopping budget, whereas my hubby is always on the lookout for bargains and insists we buy things just because they are discounted. Hence, this weeks 'angebot' was pasta, resulting in a cupboard full of the stuff and nothing else :)