Sunday, October 11, 2015

Three positive things

Huge in SanFran. Yes, that’s how I want you to think of me in future. Huge in SanFran. Why? Because my friend Sue Watson told me her friend, who happens to live in San Francisco, said she always reads my Novel Ideas column in Writing Magazine. And then Sue, whose latest book is Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams, described me as Huge in SanFran. Apologies for the repetition but it sounds so cool. Huge in SanFran.

If there is mist or fog about I always refer to it as heat haze. The sun will burn it away sometime later. This came about because of a family story. Just after WWII my grandfather bought his first car and promised to take the family to the sea – a long, long way from Kidderminster. My great-grandfather was looking forward to the trip but on the morning of the big day the family woke to thick fog. Not wanting the treat to be cancelled he announced that there was a heat haze and the sun would be out shortly so they all piled into the car. And you know what? He was right. By the time they were halfway to the coast the sun was out. Hence, I don’t believe in mist and fog. Only heat haze.

The LSO and I are facing some big problems. We’ll tackle them together and we’ll treat them like heat haze. Sometime soon they will dissolve and the sun will come shining through. It always does. 

PS To all those who have contacted me - The LSO is fine. Our problem is a tenant who hasn't cared for our house and its beautiful garden. She is now out and we have the big problem of putting it back to how it was before she moved in, and then selling it. Awkward, as it's three hours' drive away.

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  1. Hey, huge in San Fran, you're huge everywhere. I love your page as well. And, you'll never guess, I call it heat haze as well, and the sun will burn through, because it always does. I could cry for you and your lovely house. Wish you could go to the local papers and radio in the area, and get a band of volunteers to help you. xx