Sunday, November 08, 2015

Ten Random Thoughts

1.  Were fireworks being given away free at food-banks? It seemed that the biggest firework displays came from the poorest areas. (The same goes for houses nauseatingly decorated with millions of Xmas lights.)

2.  It must be time for me to get my S.A.D. lamp out after having a week of dark days.

3.  I love my calendar. Glynis Scrivens, my cyber-sister, sends me a calendar from Australia each year. It means I get to look at pictures of sun-baked beaches when it’s cold, miserable weather here.

4. So, for July and August why don’t we put snow scenes on our calendars and keep our sunny days for November through to February?

5.  I am a true and loyal friend. I will help anyone if it is possible for me to do so but make the mistake of thinking you can walk all over me and you should be afraid. Very afraid.

6.  I thought up a good programme for television. A follow-up to Homes Under the Hammer where people buy up houses, do them up and rent them out. How about one where the cameras return 12 months later and see what the tenants have turned these immaculate homes into? The Tenants From Hell. Then I saw there’s already a show about this.

7.  I don’t want to do dark magic but I so want someone to get their come-uppance. I am tempted.

8.  Making good plans. We are going to sell both houses, move somewhere with no mortgage, buy a motorhome and travel again.

9.  Why are my hands aching just from thinking about Sally Bridgewater who achieved her target of 50,010 words, written in 24 hours yesterday? She typed at a speed of 2000 words per hour and it’s me who is aching.

10.  Talking of Random Thoughts, I sent out a proposal for a series of six articles about random things writers can do to find ideas. The series begins in the next (January) issue of Writing Magazine.


  1. Hmm - wondering about the quality of the 24 hr Nano words. The WM article sounds great... I shall look out for it and hopefully get some good tips.

    1. Sally simply wanted to see if she could write that much in 24 hours. She now has a very rough draft of a novel. She did what I never can - ignored typos as she went along. Now she expects to take months over writing the whole thing properly but she has what most never get - a complete draft, beginning to end.

  2. Brilliant post Lynne. WM series sounds really good - any tips on finding ideas would be gratefully received! xx

  3. You're a writer, Lynne. No need to wait for someone to get their comeuppance in real life. Kill the culprit now

  4. Lynne, all you have to do is wish your tenant-from-hell
    exactly what she deserves. The universe will take care of the rest. Love the notion of a mortgage-free home and a motorhome so you can go travelling again. That's the secret of happiness, plan as if you'll live forever, and live as if today is your last.

  5. Number 8 sounds very good to me. Go for it!