Sunday, December 13, 2015

Spots and splits

The problem with Google is you can find out all sorts of things. That should be good. Yes? 
No. Not when it comes to health.
Googling health problems can be dangerous, especially for hypochondriacs or those with no sense of humour. (I don’t think either apply to me.)
So I had a white spot on my tongue. I brushed my tongue and gargled with a well-known antiseptic product. The spot remained. I turned to Google and was given two options. Cancer or syphilis.
I chose syphilis as being the lesser evil (and being impossible). Then I forgot about the white spot and guess what? It’s disappeared without any help, anti-biotics or surgery.
This week I noticed a couple of toenails had vertical ridges on them. In fact my little toenail had split into two so I turned to Google and what choices did it give? B12 vitamin deficiency or the ageing process.

I’m off to buy some B12. 


  1. As a health writer, quite a lot of what I've written in the past has been basically to 'undo' the myths that have been spread by Dr Google to his patients! It's a losing battle - but the writing tutor in me would naturally point out that this is a great idea for an article in itself ...

  2. Googling health is something I never do. Keep moving and an apple a day. Xx

  3. That's the funniest thing I've read in a long time, Lynne. Thanks for making my laugh.

  4. And before Google we had The Home Doctor Encyclopaedia (or at least my grandmother did) and that was really scary!

    1. A friend and I went through an encyclopedia like that one afternoon trying to see if we had something under each letter of the alphabet. Funnily enough there was no Hypochondia under H.

  5. A little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing! Never google health stuff - far too scary. Thanks for another uplifting and hilarious blog Lynne :-) xx

  6. I think too many doctors use google as well, except unlike you, they have their butt to cover. They decide to rule out all the nasty maybes when something as simple as time or B12 can do the trick.

  7. Luckily, I've never fallen into the trap of believing Dr. Google but I do admit I look - just for a giggle.

  8. It's even worse if you have any medical knowledge, Lynne! As an ex-nurse I can easily slip into going down the more serious route rather than the not going to kill you road!